To be used for Temporary, Mobile and Long Term Mooring as defined in DNV-OS-E301, Position mooring. Approved by DNV.

The Cest Solution is a 2-part design (Nut & Spacer) which provides the optimal solution to meet critical obstructions (Shark Jaw – fixed edges – frames ) and or Devices (Stern Roller – Towing Pins – Spooling Devices ) when using tension. The CEST Solution by it self do not need protection or to be taken into account under spooling operation.

Tested on board the AHTS Skandi Vega while using high tension under spooling operation. This test confirms the effectiveness and protectiveness of this Design/Solution.

Effectiveness, the Design gives the opportunity to load /spool Fiber rope in compartment for storage, spooling on can be done thight on the drum which gives the best result for mobilization due to given capacity.

Protectiveness, the Design of the Cest Solution is a high reducing factor due to Fiber rope damages.

Maintenance, scrap marks will occur while moving over deck and while passing obstructions on the AHTS. Edges of scrap marks to be polished away after demobilization and generally to be checked for any other damages and prepared for next mobilization.