Regulations for protection against mechanical vibrations shall ensure that the health and safety are protected against hazards arising or which may arise when employees are exposed to mechanical vibrations in the workplace.

The regulations apply to all businesses where workers may be exposed to mechanical vibrations. Mechanical vibrations are divided into two types, vibrations true the whole-body and hand/arm vibration.

According to the Norwegian “Arbeidsstilsynet”, the employer shall survey and document the extent to which work equipment exposes workers to vibration and assess any risks to their health and safety associated with vibrations. Vibration and shock can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, skeleton, joints and muscles.

Soft Mandrel has a unique spring dampingstructure preventing exposure of vibration damages. This eliminates transmission of shocks and shakes that otherwise inflicts people using traditional hand held tool. Spring system, hose section and fiberglass shaft provides to a comfortable working situation and a safer operation when two people are involved.